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817 Milam Street
Houston, TX, 77002
United States


SunsetBodyWorks is a Day Spa located in Downtown Houston with a waling distance from many hotel such as hotel Icon, Westin Hotel, Magnolia hotel, Lancaster Hotel and JW Marriot Hotel. Our services include couples massage, facial,  body toning, spa party and other similar services!

Established 1997, SunsetBodyWorks is downtown Houston's leading day spa with a reputation for outstanding services, products and expertise. We are located in a cozy two story suite located on the second floor of the Rice Lofts. We offer best deep tissue massage, couples massage ,spa package,spa party, microcurrent anti-aging facial, skin care, waxing,  hair up-do's, nail services and more. 


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Style Down Under!

Sunsetbodyworks Day Spa Houston

Why should us Ladies get Brazilian Landscaping???

Brazilian is not only for the comfort we give ourselves but the gift we give to others. Face it ladies, it's the latest thing that fancies the fellas. Get with it or get left behind. Don't let the horror stories scare you away from a wonderful thing. Its a win win situation for all. Here at Sunsetbodyworks we are an upscale Spa & Salon with knowledge and product to help waxing be a good thing and not a nightmare. You are in good hands.

Good reasons to get waxed NOW!

1. Expect the unexpected Be prepared and avoid embarrassments.

2. Exiting the vehicles With mini skirts there's always a chance for flashing

3. Slumber parties Lets not give anyone a reason to poke fun.

4. Bikini Season Waxing and bikini go hand in hand.

5. Waxing frequently will help diminish hair growth over time also becomes much softer less stubby.

6. Ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past.

Waxing is Sexy & is a BASIC NATURAL INSTINCT.

Article blog by Veronica Villalta